The shaft of the golf club

The axis of golf is the component most misunderstood by most golfers. Most golfers think that the letter code on the axis is the same for everyone golf swing plane trainer. Most golfers believe that there is a point of recoil for the flight of the ball low, medium or high. Most golfers do not understand how the shaft is bent during the golf swing.

The letter codes on the axis really do not have senses. Years ago, companies use a deviation board that anchors an end and a weight at the tip to see how much the axis is curved or deviated. Companies could not agree to a standard weight for this test. Then the frequency analyzer was used that anchors from one end and a weight puts on the tip that reads the frequency. Once again, companies could not agree on a weight standard at the tip. Companies can put code of letters what they want. There are differences even in letter codes within the same company with the different lines. Nowadays,

The recoil point is best described as the profile of the axis curve. There is no hinge on the shaft, so one part of the shaft does not bend before another part of the shaft. The profile of the curve of the axis will tell the creator of the club what the flex will do along the entire length of the axis. The golfers downswing transition, tempo, hammer throwing doll, club head speed and athletic ability, all are analyzed so that the appropriate curve profile axis to suit that player.

The torsional stiffness of the tree, commonly known as the torque of the tree, is the ability of the tree to withstand the torsional forces imposed during the recession. The club creator determines the torsional stiffness of the tree by the transition specifications and the golfers’ slump tempo.

The weight of the axis is determined by the strength of the golfers, athletic ability and speed of the club head. The weight of the axle is the total weight of the number one golf club. The total weight is important because it has an important effect on club head speed that the golfer is capable of generating with any club. Club head speed is the number one factor for distance. The weight of the axle is the number one factor for the total weight, so the weight of the axle is critical for the golfer to reach the maximum distance.

The axes are very complicated and misunderstood.

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