It seems that superfoods are fashionable, but WHAT’S GOOD! For years I have been using them daily in my smoothies, salads, vegetable milks, creams and dishes in general all day energy greens reviews.

Superfoods are an excellent complement, especially to help cope with nutritional deficiencies caused by the demineralization of the soil, poor eating habits and abuse of toxic substances typical of modern society. Superfoods, in addition to nourishing the body, help cleanse the body and increase energy, immunity and general well-being. Knowing different types of superfoods and incorporating them into the diet can help reduce or eliminate inflammation, improve your immune system, provide large doses of nutrients or help detoxification processes, for example.

There are many Superfoods; Some are native here and others come from far away, but in general they have some common denominators: they are organic, they are obtained in a pure state or very little processed in a natural way without adding nasa, and they are consumed raw, that is, without having have been subjected to temperatures above 42º, so that they maintain all the nutrients.

Look at what I have in my pantry and why I use them…

Spirulina and Chlorella:  I put them in the morning shakes. Spirulina gives a lot of energy, it is a great source of protein and eliminates cravings, but I rarely use it because it causes me a little tachycardia. The chlorella algae I like the most, and it is full of minerals and has the highest concentration of chlorophyll.

Triphala:  For the days of Detox, I mix Triphala in water and drink it between hours. If you’ve done a Detox with me, you know the secret.

Wheat grass:  It is also known by its English name WEATHGRASS and used in shakes, vegetable milks or with a bit of lemon as if it were a shot. The flavor is strong but you do not need more than a pinch and in your smoothies you will not notice it. If you want to see what properties you have.

Nutritional yeast: This would say that it is the most consumed because of its delicious flavor, texture and because I can use it in almost all my recipes! With a slight memory to the flavor of the cheese, the nutritional yeast will give a delicious touch to your dishes. If you are vegetarian / vegan and have a deficiency of this vitamin, now you can also find nutritional yeast with B12.

Protein and seeds of hemp: The protein is more concentrated than the seeds. Normally I use seeds for my salads and creams and it is not necessary to crush them for their absorption. I use protein to enrich my shakes, especially the day I play sports.

Chia seeds: Also for my milkshakes and puddings. They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and there is no shortage in my SEN diet.

Açaí :  For my milkshakes, especially in hot season, because consuming red and purple fruits is beneficial for our blood supply, to detoxify, fight against free radicals … On my website you will find a recipe for a smoothie with Açaí.

Super Greens, grated coconut, carob, baobab, fruit and berries. .. And more rare names like maca, camu camu, reishi … They all have properties and offer you many benefits. The best thing is that you miss out on the SaludViva website and read all that they explain about these wonderful Superfoods that will surely be one more in your pantry from now on.

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