Organize a Bachelor Party, How do You Start?

For most couples, the wedding day is the most beautiful day of their lives. However, there is often a day / night that appeals even more to the imagination: the bachelor day or bachelor night.

Does your brother or best friend marry? Then you are the chosen one to organize the bachelor party! Here you will find some great ideas and tips to make a successful day or a real men’s weekend!

No, ladies, you have not been forgotten! To organize a bachelorette party is something completely different than a bachelor party among men … In a few weeks we will put the bridal shower of the bride in the picture!

Go for a personal approach!

Everybody is different. While one person does not have enough of a banjo jump, for the other a pleasant evening out with friends is more than sufficient. You know the best in the end the best, so think before you start whether or not he would like to walk through the city in a rabbit suit or with a diaper. This is certainly not for everyone!

Tip:  agree in advance with the other guests and brainstorm together. This way you get even better ideas.

Do not overfill the bachelorette day

Who organizes a bachelor party often has many ideas. Preferably you would drag the future groom from one activity into the other. Try to leave some free time in your day so that there is some space left for activities that end up or unforeseen circumstances. Do not make a killer tiring day. Stress about the time schedule should not spoil the fun!

Do you have an hour before you have to be at karting, fly boarding or (indoor) skydiving? Then you can do a nice terrace or go to the champagne bar in bad weather. Try to limit the drink if there are still activities with coordination required afterwards!

Not everyone is crazy about games

We all know them, the crazy bachelor parties where the victim, often dressed up, has to do lots of activities to raise money or purely for the entertainment of the friends. Is your friend not crazy about attention? Do not be in the city to embarrass him or her; it must be the (second) best day of his life.

Tip:  go to a place where nobody knows the more faithful, so he or she will have the easier time to ‘get loose’.

A personalized T-shirt is always fun

Do you have a nice picture or a typical statement of the future more loyal? Then have a T-shirt made with this photo and text, with possibly an extra challenge for the bystanders. It often makes for hilarious moments. Also as a souvenir a personalized t shirts for women can certainly be nice, with a reference to the bride for example.

Do not organize it just before the wedding day!

The Hangover is a fun movie, but no bride will ever be able to forgive you if you ruin the wedding day by having her future husband walk around with a hangover all day long. Or worse by not showing him “due to circumstances”. So do not do the bachelor party the night before the wedding, but a few weeks before. For example, you can also go for an entire weekend instead of an evening or a day.

A nice day prevails

Whatever you do, make it an unforgettable day for the more faithful! A nice mix between tough, cozy and a tad naughty, it must be a day that everyone remembers with a smile!

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