Making efficient use of minimal storage space

Storage space is precious, whatever business you are in. So, making efficient use of your storage space with innovative shelving, multi-level solutions and clever management can turn even the smallest area into one that works to meet your needs perfectly. Utilising invaluable storage space doesn’t have to be expensive, and done properly it can serve bespoke requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which intelligent storage solutions from Warehouse Storage Supplies can work for you.warehouse racking systems

Boltless shelving

When space is limited, boltless shelving is certainly worth a closer look. Available in either galvanised or plastic finish, simple to construct and exceptionally durable, this is an ideal choice for industrial, retail or even domestic use. In addition, as boltless shelving can be ordered in a variety of sizes, it can be adapted to fit your space and needs exactly.

Storage boxes

Stacking or shelving items can be made even easier by using the correct storage boxes. Choose from a selection of materials to suit your requirements and budget. From economy cardboard to polypropylene boxes, with or without lids, and with a selection of shapes and sizes, there is always way to start boxing clever for you. Don’t forget, there are also oil, chemical and moisture resistant options available – ensuring items are fully protected at all times.


Food grade polypropylene, temperature tolerant material from -20 to +60 degrees and fitted with casters for ease of manoeuvrability, containers are another great way to make the most of the smallest spaces. What’s more, thanks to the selection of colours, establishing an effective storage system is simple too.


Accessing items in tight spaces can prove to be difficult, however, having the correct equipment makes a world of difference. Having adequate room to manoeuvre is essential. If space is limited why not consider folding steps or ladders? There when you need them and easily housed when you don’t, our folding options provide so much more than access. Anti-slip rubber feet, serrated trends, integral tool trays, safety handrails and easy folding action are just some of the features you can choose from at Warehouse Storage Supplies.Super 123 Plastic Boltless Shelvin

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