To sell your house quickly, it is important to put into practice a few points listed below and if you have a real estate agent who does not give you these tips, then maybe think about changing it we buy home.

Here’s how to sell your house quickly

One of the first rules I recommend when a homeowner wants to sell his home is to put himself in the shoes of a buyer and look at your property objectively.

It must be said that your property is no longer yours …

It’s not always easy, but if you really want to sell your house, it’s important to protect yourself and tell you that it’s not yours anymore.

Of course on paper you still own, but it is important to detach emotionally from your well. Stay humble, keep in mind that your home may not be the most beautiful, that it cannot please everyone and that small renovations may be needed … see where I’m going?

Your property must please the greatest number

We are going in the continuity of the preceding paragraph; your property must please the greatest number in order to put all the chances on your side.

To do this, we will use the principles of “Home Staging”, ie storage, depersonalization, harmonization and renovation (here you can read an article on the subject)

The principle is to please and face all the possible negative arguments of a future buyer, but limiting the expenses to the maximum. During a visit a potential buyer gets his idea in the first 90 seconds. It is therefore important that when entering the house, the buyer feels good and feels at home.

An aspect not to neglect in the valorization of your house and it is an important point to sell his house easily and at the best price.

This aspect is the outdoor space … A customer looking for a home is largely for the outside and his situation, otherwise he would simply take an apartment.

The outside part is really not to neglect. A nice terrace is a very important asset; highlight your terrace and all the outside parties.

It is necessary that the buyer can project himself there and already imagine the good times that he will be able to pass on it and all around his future house.

To create a good atmosphere

The atmosphere during the visit is important and to create a special atmosphere, we can appeal to all the senses.

You can create a nice atmosphere with smells for example. A pretty bouquet of flowers at the entrance, or scented candles are the most beautiful effect, because in addition to releasing nice smells, they promote a very fashionable zen atmosphere at the moment.

If you have a fireplace, do not forget to burn some logs, it’s always something people love.

Photos, an important point

Real estate is bought by the net now, and what first attracts the buyer are the photos.

Take special care of the photos, stage your home, and retouch the photos if necessary by adding contrast and brightness.

You might even consider hiring a professional photographer, or if photography is a common hobby, you might have a photo enthusiast in your friends (here’s an article about real estate photography).

Set a realistic price

It is important to set a realistic price

Indeed with the internet buyers are quick to compare real estate prices. A premium price will unnecessarily lengthen the time to sell your property. In addition it is never good to leave a property for sale too long.

Appealing to an expert in real estate appraisal is a good solution. After working with several experts (when I was still a real estate broker), I found the right person and I can only offer it to you.

I can put you in touch with this competent expert who practices really good prices.

By putting all these little tips end to end you put a maximum of luck on your side, and you have the basics to know how to sell your house quickly.

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