How to choose the color of your uniform?

The colors are very important in the dress and more when you want to keep always at the forefront.

First of all you should always consider our business colors.

Now, if the choice is always inclined to dark suits , the ideal is to combine them with a garment whether shirt , blouse , chew, etc., in a season tone, you could consider the tones as follows:

Spring-Summer: The recommended colors are bright and warm tones, for example: red, green, yellow, orange: pastel shades, sky blue, violet, etc.

Autumn-Winter: The recommended colors are brown, ocher, gray, blue, etc.

A special fact is that you must take into account the season in which uniforms will be received , as this will allow you to choose the right color for the season (đồng phục công sở).

Depending on the turn of the company if the uniforms to be erected will be used for the whole year, it is advisable to always choose neutral colors such as: navy blue, gray and half-tone colors.

Always remember that the way in which employees of a company dress, is linked to the presence they want to project. Taking into account models that are adaptable to each of the ages and complexions of the staff.

The right garment in the right place is usually a very powerful tool to build a positive perception about us and the companies.

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