Baby bottle warmer: keeps the qualities of milk intact

Safe and hygienic warming of bottles, without risk for the baby. For hygiene reasons, to heat bottles it is essential to guarantee a dry and sterile environment. When heating in a medium with water there is a risk of formation and transmission of germs. Wet hands on the surface of the bottle cause cross-contamination. The Beldico baby bottle warmer uses a completely dry method, without circulation of air or fans, which is why it is the ideal solution for the daily routine of hospitals.

Hygiene is the highest priority in pediatrics and neonatology. For this reason Beldico bottles incorporate interchangeable and dishwasher-washable inserts. The smooth surface of the inserts facilitates disinfection and cleaning.

The Beldico baby the best bottle warmers out of hundreds of models consists of a solid, corrosion-resistant aluminum insert and incorporates an electronic thermostat. This prevents burns due to overheating.

Since the Beldico bottle warmer uses a homogeneous heating method, the so-called hot zones in the milk do not appear. This method not only prevents the formation of blisters in the baby’s mouth, but also keeps the qualities of the milk intact, as regards both vitamins and antibodies.

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