Background & History
This year marks the second annual Growing Healthy Schools Week, which is the fusion of DC School Garden Week and DC Farm to School Week. DC School Garden Week was launched in 2007 to celebrate school gardens throughout the District of Columbia. Three years later, DC Farm to School Week was born, providing an opportunity for DC schools to celebrate local, seasonal food in school meals, and engage students in the farm-to-table process. These two celebrations were extremely successful in stimulating more citywide support for and involvement in farm to school and school garden programs. Growing Healthy Schools Week highlights the interrelated goals of these two former weeks and reflects the components of the recent Healthy Schools Act, which encourages linkages between farm to school and school garden programs.

What is Growing Healthy Schools Week?
Growing Healthy Schools Week celebrates school gardens and farm to school programs throughout the district. During the week, school staff work with local non-profits, farms and chefs to coordinate inspiring activities aimed at engaging students in a conversation about seasonality, plant cultivation, and nutrition.

When is Growing Healthy Schools Week?
Growing Healthy Schools Week is an annual celebration each fall.

Who’s organizing the week?
The DC Farm to School Network at DC Greens and the DC Schoolyard Greening Committee at DC Environmental Education Consortium (DCEEC) are coordinating GHSW in conjunction with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Wellness & Nutrition Services. The participation of school administrators, teachers, students, and other community partners is integral to making this week a success.

How can schools participate?
Schools can coordinate activities that engage students in the process of growing, preparing and eating healthy, local food, and teach them about the connection between food and the environment. We provide resources for schools to:

- Host an interactive chef demonstration
- Have a farmer come to your school
- Have a dietitian come to your school
- Take a field trip to a local farm (in VA or MD)
- Incorporate farm/food education into classroom instruction
- Work in the school garden
- Participate in Capital Crunch! Bite into an apple on Thursday at 10am for a city-wide synchronized crunch.

How can I get more information?
Resources to help plan these activities are available on our website. For further assistance contact Karissa McCarthy at karissa@dcgreens.org or Sam Ullery at sam.ullery@dc.gov.