9 Tools To Monitor and Work On His Online Reputation!

When Yann Gourvennec reveals his secrets to manage an online reputation management expert by taking her case and her personal website website … And this is not one tool that offers us, but 8! After not going to say we did not warn you that he had to be careful on the internet!

Managing your online reputation has become indispensable. It seems particularly unthinkable for anyone looking to get a professional appointment of trailing on his facebook profile picture of his last drinking (note, I know who do not mind).

To follow a free e-reputation ago Google Alerts, Social Mention, Samepoint …
As soon as one has greater needs for example in the context of a known brand, it becomes necessary to spend on pay and better tools as Mention .net and all other solutions like Alerti, Youseemi ….

How to manage this e-reputation – and also to monitor the other? This is the question that arose Aref Jdey in this article from his blog, which offers a matrix of the monitoring tools.

Here he says the 9 types of tools to monitor and work on his online reputation:

Social metasearch and I have checked that I was filling myself a few pages. in a sense it is not a surprise, but it is impressive (100 pages) correspondingly. what is interesting is that the engine remains “negative keywords” and positive. Phew! no negative for me:-) (NB: this is not a surprise, but the result of a long process on the Internet and my online reputation).

Engines blogs, here is the search on my name, but also much more interesting research on marketing & innovation that shows my blog in the first position, ahead Futurelab. So, here positioned me without paying and even if I do not write every day.

News motors: as Google News which has just accepted in it, it will just wait a few weeks for the flow of the blog is taken into account.

Monitoring and research reviews which shows few comments in my case, what needs to be explained by the fact that I did not put my name in the comments, but that of my site ( which accentuates the presence in engines by the way).

Forums engines: who can find nothing in my case because I’m usually on the forums again, if I enter a comment “personal” I avoid using my name.

Microblogging engines: that scans the most famous microblogging engines, www.twitter.com. I discovered that consensual marketing had tweeted my article on innovation during the crisis.

Social aggregators: permits to promote their blogs very friendly way by exchanging with other bloggers.

Search Engines People: as remarkable will realize only the aggregation of a lot of sources that talk about you on the Internet. See my example here. The result is sometimes a little off with photos of people who have nothing to do with you. Zoominfo may possibly prefer that allow you to proclaim the paternity of your profile (‘reclaim profile’) and the monitor as I did here for mine.

The Professional Solutions for multi-media e-reputation: these solutions analyze both blogs, forums, websites … and in some cases Social Media like Facebook.

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