5 tips to meditate just before going to sleep

The meditation has many advantages, both physical and mental health. Meditating makes you get in touch with yourself, something that with stress and the rhythm of life that we lead is not easy at all world of feng shui.

The list of benefits does not end here! One of the positive effects that you can get more out of meditation is to easily reconcile the dream. Today we give you some tricks to meditate before going to sleep.

Find a comfortable position

Meditating implies that your body and your mind find an almost magical connection. And for that, you should be comfortable. Forget about the postures that appear in magazines and concentrate on those in which you do not feel any discomfort. This is the best of beginnings to meditate and fall asleep!

Eliminate any distraction

Turn off the TV and forget about everything around you. If there is any noise, or something is bothering you, change rooms to get the concentration you need to meditate.

Listen to your breathing

As soon as you can concentrate on yourself, your body and your mind, you will be able to hear your own breathing. Precisely, this is another of the tips to meditate just before going to sleep. Once you reach this point, you can make sure you’re on the right track.

No worries

Bedtime is for many women the time of day when they think about all the problems they have. Therefore, as soon as you are in this phase of meditation you must silence your mind . Although the first few times will not be easy, it is very likely that with a little practice you will be able to master it.


Although it may seem a bit strange, smiling helps to eliminate tension and that is precisely what you intend to meditate before sleeping, to then stay as a baby. So, do not hesitate to keep smiling while you meditate. It will help you to be more optimistic and to let your body get rid of that which causes stress.

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