Hey! How are you? It seems that good weather is approaching, right? 🙂 We recognize that in My Fit Body we have been praying for some time to the god of muscle so that the sun finally comes out well and we can dedicate a little more too outdoor sports that are also cool.

We have been thinking that since more and more of us see the advantages in the responsible consumption of sports supplements, we thought it would be interesting to start this month with some very basic tips (which we would have liked to receive when we started to put our heads in this world) to all those who are considering adding sports supplements to the training you do every day buy Athletic Greens.

It does not matter if you have already started , I am sure that this post will help you to revise your routine, and we even hope it helps you to take into account something that you have forgotten. If this is not the case, we thank you in advance for your patience and your support to those who, at the moment, do not have any flowers about this topic. We start:

1) Control Attend your food: To start, the most important thing to consider is the diet. We do not talk about not hitting a small tribute (trap day) from time to time. Caprices, temptations and Christmas we all have: P but you try to eat varied, 5 times a day , in the right amount and above all healthy. You will think that the subject of following a diet is quite OBVIOUS, right? It is, but many still do not pay attention even though they could draw the food pyramid with their eyes closed and also, not to fail in the position of none. In summary, if you do not think about dieting, do not waste your money buying supplements as they will not affect you.

2) Rest for you and for all your companions: The body grows and recovers during the hours of sleep. If you want your cell recovery to be successful, it is important that you sleep at least 8 hours a day. To give you an idea, the body is achieved with:

  • 40% diet
  • 30% rest
  • The rest, training in the gym

When we understand the importance of taking these points seriously, it is when we are ready. Well, the consumption of supplements means only 10% of everything. Keep in mind that a supplement will not solve the problems of a bad diet or incomplete training.

3) Be clear about your goal: We recommend that before you start you ask yourself questions of the type: why? for what? What do I want to achieve? If the answer is very close to:

  • Improve your training
  • Increase your muscle mass
  • Improve your health -Improve your strength
  • Toning
  • Lose weight
  • Etc.

We recommend that you continue reading. As you know, not everyone has the same goals and much less the same needs so it leaves aside fashions and eye to ignore what they recommend if it does not come from the mouth of someone who is on the subject. Not everything works for us all equally.

4) Take into account your budget: As for anything that requires an expense, the first thing you have to be clear is how much you want (or can) allocate to this type of supplements, this will help you to know how far you can go when the time comes. to move and / or acquire products in the market. Before you get scared when we talk about budget, we anticipate that today there are super affordable products within reach of any pocket, in fact in our case, the highest product we have on our website are € 27.92 / 750 g ( Isolate Whey Proteins).

5) Basic supplements to begin with: What you will read below, do not take it at face value. That you consume a supplement or another will depend exclusively on what you want to achieve, remember that each of them is indicated to help you achieve a goal. Despite this and having clarified this point again, we want to recommend a few so you can get an idea.

We cannot ignore that the universal basic supplement is Whey Protein. It is the immediate food for the muscle and serves as a regenerator and enhancer of muscle mass. Theirs is to take it after having done your training.

On the other hand, do not lose sight of Amino Acids (the basis of all life processes since they are absolutely necessary in all metabolic processes) above all BCAAs and glutamines. Both anti-catabolic, basic nutrients of the muscles that cause them to develop and prevent you from losing muscle mass. You can take them before, during and after training. Another one that will sound to you and we love it is Creatine , it serves to enter the muscle cells and swell the muscle, in short, nourish and develop. The most convenient way to drink it is in a shake and you can consume it both before and after training.

We also find it very interesting to start the Pre-books. As it is deduced from his name, they are indicated to take before the training. They are not more than a set of amino acids and they serve to increase your capacity at the time of training (You will lift more weight; you will get tired less …)

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