Conseguir wake up with hair looking good without doing anything the night before is almost as unlikely as finding more shoes ‘in’ the off season. We give you some tips that will help you.

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  1. To maintain the volume: You must avoid any league, use a soft donut and foam and secure it with two pins in a high and loose chongo. If you want to wake up with perfect waves, form two chongos, one on each side with almost dries hair.
  2. To wake up with soft straight hair: Start behind one ear and take it all in the same direction and roll it all over your head, you can use pins if you need them and at the end cover with a silk scarf to stay where it should to be.
  3. Beach waves: Make two French braids on each side of your head, they should be loose and arrive as low as you can to avoid frizz at the tips. For less marked waves, you can apply mouse in the hair and divide it into five chongos and secure them with pins.
  4. So that the fringe is not disheveled: Brush it and dry it, secure it on one side with a Kleenex and a brooch; Do not forget that you have to fix it as soon as you wash it or no effort will work. You can apply a little wax the next morning.
  5. To improve the condition: You have to start washing the hair, concentrate on the scalp. Using warm water will cause the cuticle to open and conditioners to have a better effect.
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