5 tips for a successful online real estate marketing

If you are a real estate agent, having an online presence is no longer an alternative: it is a business need. More and more people carry out their daily activities in the hands of technology, and having a presence in a real estate portal and with social networks is no longer a luxury houston home buyers.  the fastest growing real estate portal in Mexico, offers you 6 tips to take advantage of its potential:

  1. Images

A good photograph will help you create a good first impression and therefore to get more potential customers. According to the Redfin real estate firm, photographed homes are sold more easily and for more money. If you are going to do it on your own, make sure the property is clean and tidy, use a good camera and take photos with natural light.

  1. Share your properties

Spread your properties in front of the market from your social networks. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Google +, use images and links of the properties to publish them online. This is one of the best strategies to disseminate the properties that are in your catalog. Use your personal social network accounts to share your properties.

  1. Collaborate with customers directly

Social networks allow you to participate directly with your customer base, achieving a closer interaction. Social networks are not just to post your ads or promote events. You can also contact people who are looking to buy or rent actively and offer them some of the properties of your catalog.

  1. Publish real estate news, tips and more

To show you as an expert in real estate, sharing news about the dynamics of the local real estate market, advice and recommendations for those looking for a home or apartment on your website and social networks is an excellent strategy. This will allow you to gain the trust of your portfolio of clients, who will consider you as an authority on the subject.

  1. Try content marketing

Generating your own content is an excellent way to establish a perception of trust, as well as convince home seekers that you are a real expert in the real estate market. From your website you can answer frequently asked questions, and offer useful information. A weekly news bulletin will allow you to promote the properties you have in the market.

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