10 Sheng feng tips to improve your retail store

When it comes to retailing, the correct application of feng shui can lead to quick and immediate results. Better feng shui energy in a commercial space will attract more customers, more sales and a better mood for the people working in the store.

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Shopping is an emotional experience: we buy things to make our loved ones feel better, in other words, we are shopping for an experience, not just for a particular object.

By applying the basics of lilian too feng shui, the vibrant energy in your store will take care of that special experience that customers are looking for!

By now you know that good Feng Shui does not mean decorating with objects with an oriental appearance. Good Feng Shui means creating energy that makes you feel good, it looks beautiful and works for the purpose of a given space.

It doesn’t matter if your retail customers know about feng shui or not; at the subconscious level we are all in tune with the movement of feng shui energy and react accordingly.

The energy of your store is felt even before customers decide to enter, so you should start applying feng shui before leaving your store and taking a fresh and good look at the main entrance and your immediate surroundings.

Here are some basic tips on feng shui:

  1. Exit your store and take a look at your main entrance, your store name, your exhibitors and your neighbors. Do you stand out or get confused?

If you saw your store for the first time, would you go in? If not, why? As for Feng Shui, you want to create a strong and clear flow of energy towards your main entrance. A strong flow of feng shui energy is created by a strong and clear presence, which includes a clean and clear shop name, display of well-lit and fresh windows, as well as using colors appropriate for the feng shui direction of the main door.

  1. Enter the store and see where your attention goes. This will help you understand where energy flows . Is your attention shifted to the right or left? Or maybe you’re not interested in getting in, even if the store has many beautiful things? The important thing to understand is that you have to create paths to make the energy of feng shui flow, you have to direct the energy to create a pleasant experience and attract customers, then help them explore for yourself what you have to offer. Imagine who, or feng shui energy like water, and see where the water flows, and see where it would be blocked.
  2. Avoid common feng shui retail mistakes. Take several photos of the main entrance (inside and outside) and then look at the pictures; this should help you take a fresh look at your space and notice ugly feng shui elements that you may already be used to, like a garbage can open in plain sight, exposed electrical cables, boxes, etc. Here are other mistakes to avoid:

mirror directly in front of the front entrance

direct alignment of the door (rear door aligned with the front door)

fluorescent ceiling lighting

stale air or strange smells

  1. Create a primary focal point, as well as several secondary points / areas for exploration .

This must be very clear from the moment the customer enters the store. You want to avoid the overwhelming feeling of “too personal” without breathing. At the level of feng shui energy, this can create the sensation of a very loud and uninterrupted noise; no one is attracted to that. Music is created by the silence between the sound.

  1. Locate your desk / cash register in a powerful feng shui point , also called “command position”, which is usually diagonally from the entrance.
  2. Have the name of your store in a high, well-lit place. If you want to create a loyal customer base, your name must be known by your customers. Being inside a store and not knowing where you are (hmmm, who the hell I’m buying from?) Is a bad feng shui retail experience.
  3. Create good energy in your store and keep it fresh .

People buy based on emotion and feng shui definition of emotion and nergy in motion . Pay attention to:

air quality

different lighting levels

good music

vibrant scents

slightly rearrange or change the displays regularly.

  1. Create an exploration aspect for customers . When it comes to successful retailing, the best offer customers a little adventure or discovery on their own. This means designing different paths in your shop, not just a straight line from start to finish, creating different independent areas with different energies (colors, lights, smells, heights and shapes, etc.)
  2. Respect the sense of independence and curiosity of your customers. The best retail stores I’ve experienced are the ones that allow me to explore things in a variety of ways: touch, smell, sight, etc. No need to ask for help; as well as those who combine their objects in unusual and fresh ways.
  3. Distribute beautiful or matching objects in unexpected ways . In other words, revive the store!

Once the bases have been covered, you can explore the feng shui more deeply and see where your Fame area is and treat it properly by strengthening the feng shui element of Fire; strengthens the feng shui elements of wood and water in the area of ​​money, etc.

The feng shui work you can do for the success of your retail store is endless and fascinating. Start with the basics and don’t forget to play and experiment – this is always a good feng shui!

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